Fault-Finding Experts For Car Electronics

It might not be something you have given a lot of thought to, but consider this; you could save money in the long-run by letting us perform a full diagnostic check on your engine. An electronic fault could cause your car to be running inefficiently or outside of the manufacturer's specifications. We can find and fix those issues.


Electronic Fault-Finding In Sussex

For technicians specialising in electronic fault-finding for cars, call:

Save money with our car diagnostics service

Nowadays, the average car utilises around 20 onboard computers and controllers to control just about every aspect of your car, from engine valve timings to cabin climate control. This also includes critical safety systems such as ABS, airbags and dashboard instruments. If something goes wrong with the electronics then this could equate to a significant financial cost to you. We've invested in the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that any issues are accurately identified; saving you money and preventing any unnecessary part replacements.

What give us the edge?

Cutting edge diagnostic equipment
Fully trained technicians with a wealth of experience
Mobile car technicians; we can come to you
Accurate identification of potential issues

You needn't worry about forking out for every part available in a blind effort to find the issue. Our car technicians will ensure that electronic problems are quickly identified and resolved, so that you only pay for the part that caused the issue.

As well as car diagnostics, we also offer a complete servicing package for all cars and also fit Valeo clutches and Gates timing belts.

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